How to Come up With the Money to Make a Bond

How to Come up With the Money to Make a Bond

After an arrest, a bond is given to the individual. This bond amount can be paid to the court to help the individual get out of jail before their court appearance. The bond amount varies, with numerous factors influencing the amount such as the type of charge and criminal history. There are several ways to come up with the money necessary to make a bond for a loved one after an arrest. Some of those ideas include:

·    Bonding Company: A bonding company offers bonds at 10% of the court ordered amount. If the bond amount is set at $20,000, the bondsman needs $2,000 plus a bondsman fee, to bond the person out of jail it’s the most affordable option around for jail release, so consider bail bonds columbus oh first.

·    Ask Around: Friends and family members of the person who is behind bars may be more than willing to chip in funds to help bond them out of jail. Many people understand the hardships that an arrest brings and want to avoid that at all costs. Ask around to get help.

·    Fundraisers: A fundraiser is fairly simple to set up these days. It’s easy to share fundraisers and can raise a nice chunk of change fairly quickly if all goes well.

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·    Property Bonds: People who own property of value may be able to post a property bond for their loved one .Property available for bond service includes land, houses, cars, jewelry, and other items.

There are a few ideas that can help come up with the cash needed to post a bond, such as those above. Help a loved one after an arrest and use this information to your advantage when it’s time to get them out of jail.