Intellectual Stimulation But Hair-Raising Concerns

Intellectual Stimulation But Hair-Raising Concerns

The ability to enjoy intellectual stimulation must be one of the most rewarding gifts given to mankind. What if you could change the way the world thinks and does things in the blink of an eye? The question is being asked now, and yet it is being done. Over and over again. Even in your own hometown. The old adage still applies too. If at first you do not succeed, try and try again. But even at the brink of the mission accomplished statement, there are those hair-raising moments.

Not always the case that what if the innovation, invention or thesis fail but more so today, what if the very idea, recorded in words, is stolen right from under the nose of the brains-trust. It happens so quickly. In the blink of an eye. Not so much as in the past, hardly ever, did it happen. Because it would take months, if not longer, before ideas are not only shared but accepted as feasible and peer review mechanisms are set in motion.

Today, however, and even without any publishing being done, it can be gone before you even know it. You may well have your papers stored away, but how to prove that you were the pioneer by the time someone else has achieved his infamy and fortune, to the tune of millions. It has to start somewhere. It could start with an intellectual property laws jacksonville office. One or two clerical and legal experts are all that the single-minded innovator may require.

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There may be further areas of servitude, all depending on the cut, make and trim of the work being developed. In this day and age of the internet of things, the requirement for a tech fundi is certainly an imperative.